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Marvel: Women appreciation post.

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Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Far Cry 4 | The Mighty Elephants of Kyrat

Red is the color of blood, and because of this it has historically been associated with sacrifice, danger, courage and revolution. Modern surveys show red is the color most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy. In many Asian cultures, it is the color of happiness.


"Wake up! Little Prince!" ♥


This Friday’s mermaid!

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Get To Know: Paige (insp.)

Looks like there’s been a change of plans.

magistera said: "I’m tougher than nails; I can promise you that". I needed to see that today. And the edit was beautiful. Thank you!

akjdfh thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!!! :)

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"I see you still like to play games."